DES SOL Front and Rear Bumper Combo (Jimny Year 2018+)

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Product Information:

Weight, Styling, and Ease of Fitment were some of the main focus points when designing this product. These are classic DIY products for those new Gen4 Jimny fans that enjoy fitting their own accessories, with no grinding, drilling or welding required.

The Des Sol products are manufactured out of light weight, imported Swedish Structural Steel which meets and exceeds the demands for steel S700MC in EN-10149-2.

Front Bumper

The Jimny Gen 4 Slimline Bumper base unit weighs in at 26kgs including Bash Plate, Recovery Points and 3.5Ton Shackles. The Bumper comes as standard without a winch but a winch can be easily retro fitted by simply unclipping the front (standard) grill and bolting your new winch in place and clipping on your (winch grill) without having to remove the bumper. Additional accessories are an optional bolt on Grille Guard.

Fitment of this Bumper increases your approach angle when tackling those difficult 4×4 ascents. The approach angle is defined as the angle between the ground and the line drawn between the front tire and the lowest-hanging part of the vehicle at the front overhang.

Rear Bumper

The Des Sol High Strength Rear Bumper weighs in at below 26kg’s and is manufactured out of imported Swedish Structural Steel which meets and exceeds the demands for steel S700MC in EN-10149-2. The 2mm thick, high quality, light weight, rust resistant, structural steel is a performance steel that makes their products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. They call it performance steel because it adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel. The Bumpers are also e-coated and powder coated to ensure the best 4×4 protection available both locally and internationally.

Their Gen4 Rear Bumper has the following unique features: A light weight combination of bumper and Tow Bar with built in Recovery Points and Shackles, a greatly increased in departure angle (when compared to a stock Jimny with Tow Bar fitted), the design utilises the existing OEM Suzuki Jimny Rear Tail lights and Number Plate lights without cutting and joining the existing OEM loom. The design also includes easily removable Rear Light Protection Cages for rugged off road 4×4 protection.