Hi, we're JimSA.co.za

The inception of JimSA.co.za took place at the beginning of 2021, during a moment of inspiration after acquiring our very own Suzuki Jimny.
As a proudly South African venture, JimSA.co.za serves as a comprehensive hub exclusively devoted to the renowned Suzuki Jimny.
Through fruitful collaborations with several local manufacturers and suppliers, we have established a singular destination for Jimny Owners to discover all the essential accessories and equipment required for their ultimate Jimny escapades, all on a single local platform.
Furthermore, complementing our array of domestic offerings, we curate a selection of top-notch imports sourced from diverse corners of the globe.

Meet our beloved Jimny

Introducing our beloved Jimny, the heart and soul of our passion-driven venture, JimSA.co.za!

This agile and versatile 4x4 is not only our symbol of adventure but also serves as our very own laboratory for innovation. We take pride in using our trusty Jimny as a real-life testing platform, allowing us to evaluate exciting new accessories and components.

With this hands-on approach, we ensure that every product we offer to the local market is tailored to perfection, guaranteeing an exceptional and thrilling Jimny experience for all our valued customers.


JimSA Jimny

- The JimSA Team