DES SOL Differential Breather Kit (Jimny Year 2018+)

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Jimny Variant Compatible with:

• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2018+) - 3-Door - GA, GL and GLX
• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2023+) - 5-Door - GL and GLX


This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

The Des Sol Gen 4 Jimny Breather Kit is manufactured out of light weight anodised aluminium and comes as a complete kit ensuring that you do not have to rush out and buy additional nuts bolts and other accessories when halfway into fitting your Breather to your Jimny. Des Sol's unique breather coupling design bolts onto the existing OEM coupling with no drilling or tapping required eliminating the chance of getting metal shavings inside your differentials.

Negotiating river crossings where your chassis become fully submerged creates a vacuum inside your differential. Once this occurs water is drawn into your differential via your oil seals and OEM Breather system. The water mixes with the lubricating oil creating potential long term damage to your differential if not drained and cleaned regularly. The Des Sol Differential Breather Kit prevents this from happening by allowing your differentials to breathe clean air from your engine bay.