DES SOL Front Differential Underbody Protection (Jimny Year 2018+)

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Jimny Variant Compatible with:

• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2018+) - 3-Door - GA, GL and GLX
• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2023+) - 5-Door - GL and GLX


This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

Des Sol introduces their Front Differential Protection for Jimny Year 2018+

There are many designs of aftermarket under body protection products available today. Things to consider when evaluating these products are, design strength, maximum protection offered, weight and mounting points. Des Sol Engineers have spent 6 months designing, testing and developing rugged, fit for purpose, light weight, differential protection and transfer case hardware.

One of the most overlooked aspects of designing underbody protection are the mounting points. Many Suzuki Jimny underbody protection devices are designed to simply bolt onto the nearest convenient mounting point. If mounted to other critical chassis / drive chain components there may well be warranty issues should the associated drive chain components be damaged. Des Sol Engineers have ensured that each protection component has been specifically designed to locate around and encase the area to be protected like a metal glove, ensuring low clearance high tolerance housings that are mass produced with minimum deviations on fitment accuracy.

What is it made of?

The Des Sol High Strength Differential Protection Hardware is manufactured from 2mm thick, high quality, light weight, rust resistant, structural steel imported from Sweden. This is a performance steel that makes their products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. They call it performance steel because it add performance beyond ordinary structural steel.

Their Differential Protection Hardware is also e-coated and powder coated to ensure the best 4×4 underbody protection available both locally and internationally.