DES SOL EV1Sport Series - 50mm Shock Absorbers (Jimny Year 2005-2018+)

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Jimny Variant Compatible with:

• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2005-2017) -3-Door
• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2018+) - 3-Door - GA, GL and GLX
• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2023+) - 5-Door - GL and GLX


This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

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4 to 6 Week Delivery due to Unexpected Demand.

This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

Introducing the all new DES SOL 50mm Shock Absorbers.

This series of the Des Sol EV1L50 shock absorber can be retro fitted to any of your existing Des Sol 50mm Lift Kits on both the Gen 3 (JB73) and the Gen 4 (JB74). The bonus here is that if you already have EV1Sport shock absorbers fitted to your stock Suzuki Jimny, and decide to upgrade your Jimny to a 50mm lift, you do not have to throw away your EV1Sport shock absorbers.

The modular design of their EV1 series shock absorbers allows Des Sol to simply replace your EV1Sport shaft and body providing a simple and cost effective upgrade to your existing ride height, reducing the overall cost of your suspension kit upgrade. Once you have the EV1L50 shock kit fitted you can also take advantage of many more advanced mechanical and electronic component upgrades that Des Sol will be offering in the near future.

All their EV1 series shock absorbers come with an unequalled 5 year, limited lifetime warranty provided the 2 year service intervals are carried out at our nominated fitment centres (please refer to warranty conditions in our link below).

Product Details

  • Des Sol Designed and Manufactured
  • Part Number – DS-EV1-EX49
  • Large bore, Mono tube shock absorber with external reservoir
  • Different Valving options (Light, Medium, Hard or Aggressive)
  • Ø44.5mm Piston diameter
  • Large oil volume which reduces shock fade in extreme conditions
  • Thick walled hard anodised Aluminium body for excellent thermal regulation, drastically increasing reliable use under punishing conditions
  • Rebuildable, serviceable and tuneable, meaning if your vehicle weight changes with modifications, you can simply have your you shocks re-valved (Cost of labour and shim stacks excluded)
  • Modular design, upgrade your product as the new advancements come out
  • 5 Year limited lifetime warranty, provided 2 year service intervals are maintained
  • Serve intervals 2 years or 80 000 km (whichever comes first)

Lead Time:

6-8 weeks