DES SOL Rack-Tech Roof Rack - 5 door (Jimny Year 2018+)

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Jimny Variant Compatible with:

• Suzuki Jimny (Jimny Year 2023+) - 5-Door - GL and GLX


This item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

Introducing the Des Sol Rack-Tech Roof Rack for the Jimny 5 Door.

Product Details:

 The Suzuki design team has now launched their latest 5-door version of the improved new Gen4-3 door version Jimny (2018 – Present) The Gen4-5 door still maintains the improved Gen3-3 door ladder chassis which is the backbone of the vehicle plus all the great features of the 3 door version. There is speculation that this low-cost Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5-door version will be a hit with South African overlanding enthusiasts.

Des Sol is proud to announce that their engineers have been hard at work ensuring that all the current Des Sol Gen4-3 door accessories seamlessly integrate with the new Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5-door version.

Given that they believe that the 5-door will soon become an overlanding favourite, they have concentrated on ensuring that their extended Rack-Tech Roof Rack and their industry favourite OverLander 80-liter tank fit the Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5 door like a glove. The extended Rack-Tech Roof Rack base unit frame and slats are assembled with internal stainless steel bolts and washers with Nyloc securing nuts, ensuring full protection from the elements 24/7. The design is flat without any protruding bolts or nuts making it very easy to slide heavy loads off the rack without them getting snagged. The Frame and Slats are coated with a Specialised 5 stage Chromate Conversion which conforms to Military Specification MIL-DTL-5541, allowing Des Sol to offer a 5 Year Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty on this product.

Aluminium oxidation is accelerated by moisture. Many reputable Roof Rack supplier coatings flake off over time and expose unsightly white aluminium corrosion. Aluminium oxidation happens faster than that of steel, because aluminium has a really strong affinity for oxygen. Rather than flaking though like rust on steel, aluminium oxide just forms a hard, unsightly whitish-coloured surface skin

The Des Sol Aluminium Roof Rack is coated with a specialised high strength 5 stage coating process not used by any of our competitors preventing unsightly white deposits and ensuring that your Roof Racks will last you for as long as your passion for overlanding does.

*Suzuki Jimny maximum roof load = 30 Kg to 40 Kg but a maximum of 60 kg is acceptable if fitting a roof top tent.

Specifications Detail - 1
Detail - 2
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)  1935 x 1200 x 70
Weight Kilograms 29,6
Warranty Coating 5 Year Limited Lifetime