FRONT RUNNER Pro Ski, Snowboard & Fishing Rod Carrier

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In certain cases, this item will be shipped separately from the JimSA accessories.

Securely store longer gear, such as fishing rods, snowboards and skis, on your Roof Rack with these alligator-grip style holders. Two (2) soft 30mm / 1.2” wide rubber grippers clamp your cargo tightly, without harming or scratching the surfaces of your valuable gear, in all weather conditions.

Product Details

  • Built to keep your gear safe on, and off, the world’s toughest roads.
  • Made from corrosion resistant steel and sealed with the same durable, weather rated powder coating as the Front Runner Roof Racks.
  • The soft 30mm / 1.2” wide rubber grippers clamp tight without harming or scratching the surfaces of your valuable gear in all weather conditions.
  • Lock your valuable gear in place for extra security. Supplied with 4 keys (3 spare keys).
  • Each lock features a cover to prevent water ingress and ice forming in colder climates.
  • The locking mechanism has a ratchet feature to allow easier closing of the holders for gear up to 30mm / 1.2" thick.
  • A “hold open” feature allows for easy loading and unloading.
  • Usable opening size: 495mm / 19.5”.
  • There is a 65mm / 2.6” clearance distance from the top of the rack or load bar slat to the bottom of the snowboard / fishing rod.
  • A holder set can accommodate two (2) pairs of ski's or one (1) snowboard (two (2) with bindings removed).
  • All Front Runner Roof Racks can accommodate 2 holders side by side. This allows storage of up to four (4) pairs of skis or two (2) snowboards (four (4) with bindings removed).
  • Save space on top of your rack and use Recovery Device & Gear Holding Side Brackets* to mount this carrier to the sides of any Front Runner Rack.

*Note: Recovery Device & Gear Holding Side Brackets are sold separately.

Consists of:

Materials used:
Black powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel

Product Dimensions:
578mm (22.8") L x 49mm (1.9") W x 106mm (4.2") H (Single Holder)

2.4kg (5.3lbs) (Single Holder)
4.8kg (10.6lbs) (Per Set)