Premium Suzuki Jimny Sandwich Toaster

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Introducing the innovative Suzuki Jimny Sandwich Toaster, a must-have for any Jimny enthusiast's kitchen! This licensed product, approved by Suzuki Motor Corporation, features a unique design that imprints a Jimny illustration onto one side of your sandwich, adding a touch of fun to your mealtime.

Crafted with convenience in mind, the Jimny Sandwich Toaster doubles as a versatile cooking tool. Simply load your favourite ingredients into the sandwich, grill for a few minutes, and enjoy a quick and delicious toasted treat. Plus, the detachable plate can be used as two mini fry pans, offering even more culinary possibilities.

Designed for use with open flame sources like open fires and gas fires (IH not supported), the Jimny Sandwich Toaster ensures consistent results every time, thanks to its fluororesin finish that prevents food from burning.

Manufactured Japan.